Elections, Re-election, Veterans' Day

Last Tuesday, I watched voting numbers confirm my re-election. I was happy to see my opportunity to continue service as a state representative, but I was excited by every voter who upheld the right to participate. 
Today, the meaningfulness of our democracy is emphasized as we honor those who have served to preserve fundamental freedoms. Thank you, members of our armed forces. Thank you to to veterans who embody the experiences of your service. Thank you, those remembering ones lost in service, for the souls you cherish, who stood and fell for our all of us.

I love the portrayals of people whose stories are recorded and shared from StoryCorps.org every Friday on KUER radio. One category, strongly relevant this week, is #VeteransVoices . I chose this one, with the women pictured below, to speak to the day, Veterans’ Day, 2018.

“Listen. Honor. Share.”


Barb Maglaqui (left) and retired Tech Sgt. MaCherie Dunbar at their StoryCorps interview in Fairbanks, AK. Photo by Daniel Sitts for StoryCorps.